Diaper pail deodorant cakes

For my sis.

Ingredients-baking soda
-essential oils (again, I like the peppermint)
-muffin tins and papers. Don't worry, no muffin tops needed for this recipe
-filtered or distilled water. Don't have distilled water? Bring water to a boil and let it rest for a few hours - voila, distilled water.

I don't measure when I cook, but use small amounts otherwise you'll get a shit ton of these things. Pour water (1/2 cup ish?) in a bowl, add 5-however many you want drops of essential oils, and add baking soda until it makes a really really thick paste/putty.

Put in muffin papers in muffin tins and let harden overnight. When they're dry, they'll resemble a white hockey puck.

That's it. Simple. Cheap. And easy. Just like some girls I knew in high school. Who said that?