Saving ~ $100 a year on haircuts

And no, my tip isn't to cut your own hair. I cut the boy's hair, but for my own I need a professional, thankyouverymuch.

I have fairly short hair that is very fine. I enjoy getting my hair did, but found that I was going every 2 months -at $40 a pop - including tip. When I stepped back to figure out why I thought I needed a haircut every 2 months, I discovered that I truly didn't need a HAIRCUT that often, I needed a neck trim.

Because my hair is shorter, I live in constant fear of the back growing more quickly than the front resulting in a mullet. Mullets aren't sexy. You didn't know? Well, they're not.

So now, I get my hair cut 3 times a year instead of 6, and a neck trim 3 times a year.

Let's run the numbers:
6 haircuts a year= $240 including tip
3 haircuts a year= $120 including tip
Savings= $120
3 neck trims a year $30
Total spent= $150
Total yrly savings= $90

When you take in to account time and gas, it works out to around $100 a year. $100 extra a year may not seem like gettin' rich money, but when you're watching your pennies it's a start.

8/16 update - I saw a new lady at my normal salon and she said that she includes neck trims for free to her clients. So, I'm switching to her and increasing my savings!