Simple & cheap bathroom scrub

Sick of paying for a bathroom tile scrub? Hate the fumes? Well, sit right down and I'll share a little secret with you. Ready? Most "eco-friendly" bathroom scrubs that cost $5 for a small 50% baking soda.

"SHUT UP", you say.

"I will NOT", I say.

"But why have I been spending all that money when I could get a 12 lb bag of baking soda at Costco for under $7", you say.

"Cause you're an idiot", I say. Wait, I wouldn't say that. Scratch that.

Anyhoo, this weekend I made some stupidly cheap toilet scrub using my kiddo's leftover snack and some crap in my cupboard. I gave Jack some orange this weekend, and rather than composting the peel, I threw it in to a little plastic container. I filled the container with baking soda, shook it for 5 minutes while Jack danced (seriously) to the shaking sound, and then let it sit for a few hrs.

Fast forward a few hours - remove the peel and leave the lid off overnight, and voila, orange scented bathroom scrub for pennies.

-when cleaning tubs, showers, or sinks, squirt some dish soap on the surface and sprinkle the baking soda on. Rub in to make a paste, leave for a few minutes, and rinse with warm water. I don't recommend this for general surface (counters, etc) cleaning. I'll post my surface cleaning solution at a later time.
-sprinkle in your toilet and add vinegar. Make volcanoes in the toilet that doesn't require a trip to Taco Bell! Scrub with a toilet brush, and leave for 20-30 min. Flush
-deposit your savings in the bank, or buy me some flowers!