Yes I can!

No, this isn't a political post, but wouldn't that be fun?!

Today, I want to talk canning.  "Yes I can" is the answer I give to most people when they find out that I like to can food to preserve it.  Most ask if I'm really 80, and if this is the Great Depression, cause don't you know that you can get jam at the store these days?  Suck it naysayers.

Canning food at home is cheaper and healthier.  I pick out the stuff to put in the jars, and I control the ingredients.  I'm not worried about health violations at some creepy border town processing plant, and I don't have to stress about the corresponding food recalls.

Sometimes canning is fun, but most of the time it's damn hard work.  But, when we open a jar of peaches in January, I only think about how good the fruit tastes, and not about sweating above a boiling water canner for a few hours 5 months prior.

Besides all that, seeing the joy on a certain little kiddo's face when he is finally allowed to have momma's blackberry pancake syrup is priceless.