DIY fruit fly death chamber

My mother-in-law once told me she thinks that fruit companies spray fruit fly larva on their fruit, because where the hell else does it come from?!  So true.  We've been inundated by the pesky little buggers over the last month.

A friend of a friend does cancer research using fruit flies.  She told me that fruit flies are addicted to the yeast and sugars in fruits.  Yeast and sugar, hmmm...

Behold the ultimate fruit fly death chamber:

Take half of a bottle of cheap beer - what you do with the other half is up to you - and put it near your fruit basket.  Add a few drops of dish soap, and sit back and wait. 

If you get a light colored bottle, you can watch the carnage, a'la Running Man,  the 1987 genius flick starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (and featuring a brave and brilliant performance from Jesse "the body" Ventura).