Monday tip of the week

I'm going to start posting 1 frugal tip a week every Monday.  Let's see if I can keep this up for more than 3 weeks in a row!

This week's tip: spices.  My sister shared this tip with me a few years ago, and it's genius I tell you!  When you've run out of spices, skip the expensive spice aisle and head to the bulk section.  By bulk section, I mean the part of the store with big bins of things - not necessarily Costco or Sam's Clubs.  In the Northwest, Fred Meyer and Town & Country Stores (Central Market) are awesome resources.  For anyone close to a big city, Whole Foods should have this as well.

This weekend I needed more celery seed.  It's hard to find in the spice aisle and if you can find it, it is about $6 for a small bottle.  I bought half of a small ziploc bag full for $.31.  I'm not mathematician, but those are good savings!  And I swear they taste fresher.

We also use a lot of sesame oil for cooking stir fry and hummus.  A 7.5 oz bottle was $4 at my local market.  Central Market on the other hand has sesame oil in bulk (who knew?!).  I got 16 oz plus a new squeeze bottle for $6.50.