My core beliefs on food

  1. You don't have to be rich to live richly.
  2. Processed "convenience" foods are making the US an extremely unhealthy society.  Replace the boxed meals with REAL FOOD.
  3. Sometimes, no matter how much you enjoy cooking from scratch, sometimes you need to eat a Costco dog.  That is OK.  They are delicious. See #4.
  4. Most things in moderation.  We're all just doing the best we can.
  5. It is 100% possible to work full time and serve your family real, whole foods made from scratch.  It just takes some planning, a good extra freezer, and a crockpot.
  6. Any food you buy that has a claim of "we've added x in for your health" isn't healthy.  It means they took the good stuff out when processing it and then had to add it back in.  Soda with antioxidants is NOT going to prevent you from getting sick.  Nor is a PopTart "now with 8 g of fiber" a healthy snack.  Sorry Troy.
  7. Baking and cooking can be therapeutic.
  8. When you're completely out of ideas for meals - the answer is always eggs.
  9. Bacon was invented by all the gods of all world religions combined.  It is truly a holy meat.
  10. Everyone should work in food service for 1 week.  You'll get a whole new appreciation on what a bunch of assholes we are as a society.
  11. Pass me those peanut butter cups.  Not the crappy Reese ones. I want the Nestle Treasures.  Oh wait, we're supposed to boycott them because of their business practices?  Crap.  These jerks make some good candy.
  12. Movie theater popcorn could be the cause of the Louisiana oil spill and I would still eat it gladly.  I know it's terrible and full of crap.  See #3 & #4
  13. Try at least twice to make your own bread.  You'll be hooked. (har har)
  14. I'm all for living simply and the back to the land/grow your own movement.  But I must be allowed my Kitchen Aid and crockpot in your hippy utopia.  It's a deal-breaker for me.
  15. Who was the jackass who decided Jell-o pudding pops were no longer a viable product?  Bring them back!
  16. I'm not sure how, but I know the answer to world peace involves butter.
  17. Once a month try to make something new.  Try making a product that you've always bought (like bread, or dressing, or graham crackers) from scratch.  At least 50% of the time I'm sure you will find it's much easier than you expected.  And the taste is almost always better.
  18. The secret ingredient in the food that I made and you're in love with?  Probably dill.
  19. I'd rather club a baby seal than give up pizza. 
  20. We cannot legislate ourselves out of the current processed food mess we're in.  Making McDonalds illegal will not solve the obesity crisis.  Making good fresh food available to everyone is the answer.  Food deserts in low-income neighborhoods is criminal.
  21. Preparing and eating dinner as a family is a wonderful way to connect with the people you care about.  Please turn off the TV and talk.  You may just find those texting strangers in your house are pretty cool.