Tip of the week!

3 weeks in a row.  Look at me go!

My tip for this week is that BYOS (bringing your own stuff) helps reduce waste and can even save you a little bit of money!

For example, bringing my own bags to the market gets me $.05 off my total order per bag.  I usually save about $.20 per shopping trip.  At 1 trip per week, that's a $10 per year savings.  And it's no longer just the grocery stores that do it!  About six months ago, Target started offering a $.05 reward per bag!  I'd like to think that my constant request of this while filling out online Target surveys helped a little bit!

Most stores sell their own bags for about $1.  Thrift stores and even looking around the house will often yield cheap or free bags to use.  I always have 2-3 bags in my car, and keep a Chico bag in my purse at all times so I'm never without.  I try to never return home from any form of shopping trip with additional plastic or paper bags.  Cause let's be honest, what really happens to all those plastic bags we bring home?

Another benefit to bringing your own bag is that they're MUCH stronger than paper or plastic bags so you can put a ton more stuff in them.  When I'm grocery shopping with Jack, I don't have a lot of free hands to unload bags.  Knowing I can reduce my trips between the car and our apartment helps immensely!

If you're a coffee drinker, bringing your own cup could net you a tiny savings as well.  Big chain stores like Starbucks give a $.10 per cup savings.  Smaller independently owned shops give a discount of up to $.25 per cup!

We rarely eat out at restaurants, but when we do I always wish I brought my own Tupperware to take leftovers home in.  This will go on my goals for next year!