Vanilla extract - 4 months later

In August, I did a post on how to make vanilla extract from scratch.

This weekend, I took it out of my professionally installed root cellar and cold storage carport garage to test it out.  I can't say I've ever actually tasted pure vanilla extract that wasn't mixed into something, so I'm not sure how it compares.  It still tastes a bit like bourbon, but the vanilla flavor is really strong.  I used it in my peppermint brownies this weekend, and everything tasted just fine.

I had little labels made via VistaPrint (ALWAYS google a coupon for this site.  ALWAYS), and I know it's dorky, but I LOVE my vanilla bottles (it says Three Cooks In the Kitchen):
Please enjoy the background scenery of Jack's cloth diaper inserts drying on our drying rack.

Ok, so let's do the math!
1/2 lb of Vanilla beans (54 beans @ $26.99 is ~$.50 per bean.  I used 12 total for this) $6
1 big bottle of bourbon - $25
40 Bottles - $28
Labels - $12
Total: $71
Price per bottle: $1.77
Cost of "real" vanilla extract at the grocery store ~$5 or $6

I bought two $10 bottles of cheap vodka and am already brewing my next batch in my laboratory ghetto pantry/linen closet!