So it turns out I'm a total snob

What a crappy realization to come to.

I've always avoided Grocery Outlet because "it's icky and only had low brow stuff".  The Grocery Outlet in the town next to us is in the same strip mall as Value Village and The Dollar Store.  Let's just say the parking lot is always a fun people watching location.

Anyhoo, in an effort to avoid a traffic jam I always hit at 4:30 on my way home, I decided to head to GO after picking up Jack from my aunt's.  Wow.  Wow, was I ever surprised!

They had a decent selection of organic produce, but what blew me away was the organic cheeses and boxed foods.  Generally I avoid most processed foods even if they're organic, but their selection of organic diced (canned) tomatoes, pasta, soups, and cereals were amazing! 

Jack eats Cascadian Farms organic "Just O's" every morning for a snack before breakfast.  At Fred Meyer they are $4.59 a box.  I always stock up when they are 2/$6 and have a coupon for $1 off 2 which makes my price $2.50 a box.  Grocery Outlet had them regular price for $2.49!!!  True, they expire this month so I didn't get them to add to my stash, but overall the savings is $2.10 a box.

They also had a huge selection of boxed rice, almond, and soy milk.  I also picked up a bottle of organic Kombucha for $1.29.  Yum!

So I will admit it.  I'm a snob for turning up my nose at Grocery Outlet.  No longer my friends.  No longer.

I did not receive any compensation from GO for this post.  I just was impressed and wanted to spread the word!