Sometimes being honest blows. A lot.

Two weeks ago, I turned in our DVR and ask for our cable to be turned off.  That was a Saturday, and they said someone would turn it off on Tuesday.  Tuesday came and went, and we still had cable.  We had a lot of crazy weather that week, so I kept thinking "well, they'll eventually get to it".

I got my cable bill last night, and saw that they weren't charging me for the service I was getting.  The guilt got to me and I called this morning.  The woman on the phone seemed shocked I was "turning myself in", and a big part of me was kicking myself for doing it.

A little background: growing up, I went to the same elementary school where my mom worked as a teacher.  Which means I was naughty, the teacher would just walk down the hall and tell my mom.  And my dad worked for a juvenile detention center.  He used to take my sister and I to work occasionally and show us all the kids in the cells.  And then he would say "if you're bad, you'll end up here".  So, I'm still pretty much terrified of being in trouble to this day.  And I'm 29.

So, while I LOVE the idea of getting free cable, I'd be up at night worried the cable police was going to come after me.  And when they did catch me, would they hand me a bill for x number of months that I had been enjoying the service for free?  The thought of one giant bill for 6 months of cable almost gives me the runs.

In a few days when I have ZERO TV reception, I'll probably look back on this post and my actions and have a few choice words for myself.  But until then, I sleep soundly.