A book review - Lamb by Christopher Moore

This has nothing to do with being frugal, but I enjoyed this book so much after a recommendation from a good friend, that I decided that YOU also need to know about it.

Lamb is the story of christ told through the viewpoint of his childhood best friend, Biff.  It's hilarious, it's raunchy, it's touching, and it's weird - basically right up my alley!  The book is a humorous attempt to clear up some "gaps" that the bible doesn't fill in from the time of Jesus' birth until his early 30's.

I am religious and have my opinions on god based on what I've learned in church, Sunday School, read in the bible, etc.  But I also appreciate a good joke (and think Jesus probably did too) and think that if anyone takes this book seriously as blasphemy, then they should remove their pious head from their righteous ass. 

Just a word of warning, if you buy the book through Amazon via the link above, I get a teeny tiny percentage of the purchase price.  But, since my blog is about being frugal, I would encourage you to check it out through the library like I did!