Menu and a game plan for next week

I spent about 30 min yesterday looking for new recipes and creating a game plan for meals next week.  I'm getting so sick of my normal food, so I'm looking to branch out.  I'm also doing a lot of prepping this weekend so that I won't have to do too much actual cooking during the week. 

So, if you want to take advantage of my love of pre-planning, and you like the same food as me, steal my menu and enjoy!

I'm not sure how, but this became the week of the sandwich.  Little dude and big dude are sandwich fanatics, so it will work out well.


1) cooking a big ass ham in the crockpot (ham, 1 cup of brown sugar on low for 7-8 hrs. Divine and easy). Having it for dinner with green beans and rolls
2) making bread and dinner rolls
3) potentially making foccacia
3) after Jack goes to bed, I'm making a batch of bombass pie crust. Making 3 quiches (recipe below) with leftover diced ham and then freezing.
1) making Buffalo chicken sandwiches in the crockpot. Freezing half, half goes in the fridge
2) potentially dinner at my parents
3) making a big pasta salad
4) Making mashed sweet potatoes

Monday (I'm not home for dinner, so I need something Troy and Jack can heat up)
Leftover ham
Pasta salad
Mashed sweet potatoes

Buffalo chicken sandwiches (save money and preservatives by using the dry ingredients in "my" homemade ranch dressing)
Pasta salad
Coleslaw (minus all that sugar, "miracle" whip, and gross veggie oil.  Going to use evaporated cane juice, homemade mayo and walnut oil)
warm ham & brie sandwiches
Crockpot baked beans
Asian Green beans (frozen green beans from my summer garden.  Mix and heat with some soy sauce, sesame oil, and sprinkle with sesame seeds.  SO GOOD).

Quiche (from the freezer)

Friday (I'm off of work because of so much accumulated overtime)
Making a  rotisserie chicken in the crockpot, then using chicken to make chicken salad
Chicken salad on sliced avocados
Sweet potato fries
Rolls if we think we need them
Homemade Chicken nuggets
Probably coleslaw again

My mom's quiche recipe
Not sure if she made it up, or if it's from someone else, but consider it yours now.

Place 2 slices of swiss cheese on unbaked pie crust that is already in a pie pan. Sprinkle veggies on top of the swiss cheese. Mix 3 eggs, 1 cup half and half, 2 tblsp flour, and 1 tsp salt. Pour into shell and top with bacon bacon, sausage, turkey bacon or whatever else meat you might want. Put 1/4 cup of shredded cheese on top of that. I like to sprinkle dill and chives on top of that.

Put in freezer uncovered until frozen solid. Then cover with foil and freeze for up to a few months.  Unfrozen (i.e., you cook it the same day you make it), bake for 350 degrees for 45 min. If frozen, I typically need to bake it about 60 minutes.

That's it!

Oh, and if you're like my brother-in-law and think that "real men don't eat quiche", you may consider this "egg pie".  A term coined by my sister.