Product rave

About a year ago, I saw battery operated candles at Costco and laughed at how stupid they seemed to be.  I mean, come on just light a candle, right?

After thinking about it a bit, I added some to my Christmas list and was gifted with these from my fantastic mother-in-law.  In the back of my mind, they still seemed a bit silly.  That is, until Monday night when our power went out.  We have plenty of candles, flashlights, lanterns, and headlamps, but the flameless candles were great to keep in Jack's room and in the bathroom overnight.

Our bathroom is small, and the counter space is minimal.  Any place we would have placed a real candle would have been considered pretty dangerous.  And there is no way on god's green earth that I was going to leave a candle burning overnight in my kid's room.

They didn't give off a ton of light, but they provided enough illumination so that we didn't have to fumble for flashlights to check on Jack, or to pee.

So, I made fun of them before, but now I'm a convert!  The downside to them is that they do use batteries, and once those batteries are used up, you have to toss them which conflicts with my low impact personal philosophy.  I don't like that aspect, so we'll continue to use real candles most of the time.  However, in a pinch they were a great asset to have on hand

Now, words of warning, if you buy them from Amazon via the link I posted, I get a teeny part of the purchase price.  But Target, Wal-Mart, and Costco have great deals on these as well!