Tip of the week!

A day late, but hopefully not a dollar short.

This week's tip comes from my friend Elaina.  Elaina and I go back a few years, and found out we were both pregnant within the same 24 hours.  Our children have been united in a promised marriage since before they had distinguishing gender features.  We just knew they were destined to be together, so as long as they were happy, we didn't care what the relationship looked like.  Unfortunately her daughter Lyla cries whenever she sees Jack, so happily ever after is a work in progress.

Elaina sent me a text saying "I have a frugal tip...you can use shower caps instead of plastic wrap/foil to cover things in the fridge".  BRILLIANT*!  I would also add that I use shower caps on the tops of my boots when I store them in the garage after the rainy season is over.  Shower caps = spider-free boots the next year.

If you have a tip that you think others would find useful, shoot me an email and make sure you link your blog if you have one!

*PS, thankfully I ran spellcheck before posting this, because in my speedy typing haste, I misspelled brilliant...