Today I quit

After fighting a mildew problem for MONTHS in our apartment, I just gave up today.  I felt insanely sorry for myself and had the ugliest of all ugly cries.  Every time I turn around we're finding a new part of our apartment covered in mildew.  Our landlord is wonderful and has attempted so many times to fix this, but nothing is working.  Our lease is up in May, and if getting out early was an option, we can't find anything that fits our needs.

Today I mourn for my old life.  The life where I had options and some money, and time to myself.  A life when I didn't HAVE to make everything from scratch if I didn't want to.  A life where I could have cable and my nice cell phone, and could eat out once or twice a month.  I'm sick of this, fucking sick of how things are and how they won't be changing for at least another year.  We're good people and haven't been able to catch a break for more than a year now.  I'm sick of getting kicked down whenever I think I'm actually up.  This blog isn't just about making graham crackers and cleaning solutions, it's about my life - real life and some times it fucking blows.

So, today I mourn.  I'm throwing a lovely pity party for myself and you're all invited.  There will be homemade bread and brown sugar at the party. 

And yes, I know I'm being a wee bit irrational.  We have our health (for the most part), have food to eat, and a roof over our head.  Takeout, cable, and cell phones aren't necessary; I get that.  But it's my pity party so I'm making the rules.

Tomorrow however, I take a deep breath, put on my big girl panties and try to find a kick ass recipe for gumbo.  Stay tuned.