Yum - crockpot baked beans!

I had a hankering for some baked beans this week, but despite searching all my go-to sites, the perfect recipe eluded me.  I found one that looked good from the Yardhouse Restaurant in LA, but I didn't have many of the ingredients it called for.  Below, please find my recipe for some homemade bomb-ass baked beans (very very loosely based on the Yardhouse recipe).

Frugal Toots
1-1.5 lbs dried beans (I used a mixture of Navy Beans, Pinto beans, and Northern White beans)
1.5 cups of BBQ sauce
3/4 cup of brown sugar (why not make your own?)
1.5 tblsps of Tabasco or other hot sauce (we love Choulua...I know I'm spelling that wrong). If you don't like spicy, reduce to about 1.5 tsp
3 cups of chicken broth
1 diced onion
a buttload of diced garlic...maybe 1-2 tbslps?
Salt and pepper to taste

Soak the beans overnight in plenty of water.  Drain in the morning.

Here is where things get super complicated.  Ready?  Ok.  Throw everything else but the salt and pepper in the crockpot, mix, and set on high.  Cook on high for 1 hour, and then switch to low for 6-8 hours.  Salt and pepper to taste after it's done cooking.  Salting beans before they're cooked will result in tougher beans.

Phew, that was exhausting!

I didn't track the cost on this one, but since I bought dried bulk beans, and had everything else on hand, I'm going to say about $3-4.  And it made a ton.

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