Cheap tip of the week - kick your dish soap bottle to the can

...the recycling can that is!

After 2 years of having the same Seventh Generation plastic dishsoap bottle sitting on my counter, it was getting grungy.  We use the Kirkland Signature Eco dishsoap from Costco and refill the smaller bottle, but damn that little bottle was looking bad.  Additionally, because the smaller bottle was squeezeable, I thought nothing of using a huge squirt of soap instead of using less.  Over using a product = wasted money.  I needed something that wasn't butt ass ugly, and didn't allow for over usage of dishsoap.

Enter, a $3 empty oil and vinegar bottle
Notice the forearm of Troy as he stands there and wonders if he wife has officially lost it, because who takes a pic of a soap bottle?!

This bottle has worked great since I brought it home about a month ago.  The little nozzle gets gunked up about once a week, but letting it soak in hot water clears it right now.  And now, I have a pretty bottle that helps me from over using a product.