Get the stank out of your house

This week's cheap trick is brought to you by my sister.  In 2009, my sister and her husband bought two chocolate lab puppies.  About 7 days later they found out she was pregnant.  So, she has a 10 month old son and 2 chocolate lab Clydesdales dogs that she is charged with keeping clean and tidy.

With our crappy weather of late, the dogs have had to stay in the house a lot more.  Wet dogs = awesome carpet smell.  Amy sprinkles baking soda on her carpet before she leaves the house to run errands.  When she gets home, she vacuums it up and voila - a way to deodorize your house that is safe for kids and dogs and doesn't cost more than a few pennies.

I think adding a few drops of essential oils to the baking soda before sprinkling it would add another layer of awesomeness.