Making your own powdered sugar

Remember a few weeks ago when I blew your mind with the info that you can make your own brown sugar?  Well, hold on to those barely reattached skulls, cause I'm doing it again! 

You can also make your own powdered sugar.

Making your own powdered sugar is just as easy as making brown sugar; heck it's actually easier!  All you need is regular white sugar.  Note: I have not had good luck doing this when using the evaporated cane juice crystals that I use to replace white sugar.

Place regular white sugar in a food processor, blender, or magic bullet type thingy.  Process it until it's fine and fluffy (maybe 2-3 minutes?).  I haven't had white sugar in the house for awhile, but when I used to do this, it worked great to replace powdered sugar in any recipe.  With a small pantry and kitchen, having 1 less box or bag to store can be huge!

Stayed tuned tomorrow for a food challenge that I'm opening up to anyone who reads this blog!

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