8 Cheap/free things to do with kids when the weather is crappy

1.  Go to the library
2.  Head to a pet store to watch the fish (this is a 2 year old tested activity in our house!)
3.  Spend time at the feed store when they get a shipment of baby chicks and bunnies.  There is a certain little dude in my house who adores this activity.
4.  Find a community center that offers playgroups.  In Seattle when it's raining oh, about every freaking day, going to the park isn't always a possibility.  There is a community center near my aunt's that offers 3 hours of play and activities for $3.
5.  Cover your table with a sheet, unwrap cheap bars of soap and give you kiddos butter knives.  We used to do this when it was pouring outside.  Soap carving was the coolest thing when I was little!
6.  Build a giant fort in the living room.  Have a picnic in the fort.
7.  Head in to a dark room with a flashlight.  Shadow puppets!
8.  Call up a friend with kids and invite them over/invite yourself over for a play date.

This has also been posted over at Frugal Tip Tuesdays.