A giveaway and a thank you!

First off, thanks so much to the people who responded to this request and didn't call me a dork...at least out loud.

Second, today is the first day that I've received more than 200 page hits!  As a big thank you for reading my blog, I'm doing a giveaway.  I'm buying the item using Amazon giftcards I've accumulated via Swagbucks.  If you're wondering WTF is Swagbucks, click on the "swidget" to the right of this blog for more details. 

Today's giveaway is a favorite of this little dude:

Don't let the sweater vest and sweet smile fool you.  He's always plotting something.

Crazy Crayons Eco Stars 100% Recycled Crayons  Crazy Crayons Eco Stars (100% Recycled Crayons) 
These things rock and making coloring fun for all ages.

To enter, you simply need to leave a comment saying you are interested.  That's it!  I'll do a random drawing on Monday morning for the winner.  I'd do it before then, but I'm moving this weekend and will be freaking busy the next few days.