I have garden envy

I need to stop reading some blogs because I have a wicked case of garden envy.

We've been apartment dwellers for 7 years now, and our place in LA had some gardening space.  Our current location has a patch that I took over and cultivated, and I've taken advantage of our deck for pots in the past.

This year however, we're moving in 2 weeks and then moving 2 months after that.  I'm beyond thankful for our new housing situation, but I'm totally missing out on the summer gardening season.  I'll be in time to take advantage of fall planting, and plan to cold frame my ass off to extend the season.  Next week I will also plant 2 big pots full of peas and will convert one to a tomato pot at some point.  I'm also getting 2 blueberry bushes in a whiskey barrel because I told Troy what I wanted and where to buy it hoping to be gifted something garden related for Mother's day.  This will have to carry me until next year. 

Next year...look out, for I will be garden balls to garden wall.