Let me cut to the Chase

JP Morgan Chase, you're fired.  I want you and your fees out of my life.  I want your big mega-bank rules and regulations to hit the road.  Don't look back, because I'm not.

I know you'll cry foul and say that the Dodd-Frank bill has "tied your hands" and forced you to charge me fees for the "privilege" of having an account with you.  But, I can't abide by you crying poor and still making $4.8 billion in profits in the 2nd quarter of last year.  And you're also getting rid of reward checking.  I don't agree with you, but I respect capitalism and think you have every right to run your business the way you see fit.

As a consumer, I too have a right to run my family "business" however I prefer, and $120 a year in fees is not a practice we embrace.

I buy my milk, eggs, honey, and meat locally.  And now?  Now I'm adding banking locally to my repertoire.  I've joined a credit union that will reward me with doing my business there.  There are plenty of local branches, and if for some reason I need to use another bank's ATM, they will reimburse me for those fees.  And when I call them with a question, they pick up the phone.