Pantry Challenge - final week!

Well, this week the budget went right out the window.  We had Jack's party and there were probably 30 people there.  As far as this week goes, I didn't purchase much.  We needed milk, eggs, a few veggies, and some meat.

Monday - Jack's birthday dinner!  I picked some of his favorite things and we had blueberry "cakies" (pancakes), bacon, and "eggies".  I purchased the buttermilk for the cakies, and the blueberries were from the freezer.  I bought bacon, and eggs came in our milkman delivery.

Tuesday - Tonight we're having oven fried chicken, coleslaw, and crockpot baked beans. I  bought 1 more chicken breast and cabbage.

Wednesday - Chinese chicken salad with leftover chicken and cabbage from Tuesday.  The dressing is homemade and leftover from Jack's party.  I'm pairing it with lumpia that a coworker made for me.

Thursday - Shepard's pie, Asian sugar peas.  I purchased the peas for this.

Friday - I'm working late, so I'm making a pizza on Thursday and freezing it.  We're having homemade "frozen pizza".  Leftover salad from Jack's party.

Saturday - I'm making mac & cheese and we'll have some random veggie from the freezer.

Sunday - Family dinner at my parent's house.

Last week's "bonus" point goes to Tree Huggin' Momma for a freezer/pantry beef dish and coconut rice.