Fantastic deal

One of the many things you need to know about me is that I LOVE organization.  I'm pretty sure that the first time I ever walked in to a Container Store I got a fem boner.  I used to have my nice and orderly calendar on my Blackberry, but with the fancy phone being collateral damage of the Great Recession, we were using a free NRA calendar that was purely craptastic.  That being said, had anyone ever broken in to our house, I feel confident that the calendar could have blown their ass away.

I bought this calendar 2 weeks ago, and even though I can't technically use it until August, I'm deeply and hopelessly in love with it.  It is a 17 month calendar, and each page is 1 week at a glance and each family member (up to 7) has their own schedule grid.  It will allow us to track everyone's schedule on one page.  With Troy's internship and part time job, my full-time plus job/meetings, etc., and Jack being watched by 2 separate family members, knowing what each person's day looks like is huge for us!  Because it's just the 3 of us, I've saved one of the lines for meal planning.

I rarely pay full price for anything, but apparently I did for this thing.  2 weeks ago when I bought it, it was $14.95, which I assumed was a great deal.  The stinkers at Amazon have marked it down to $11.21 and it qualifies for free shipping.

For full disclosure, if you purchase the calendar via the link, I get the teeniest tiniest percentage of the purchase price.  BUT, my intent of this post is to declare my love for the calendar and to let you know it's on sale.  Amazon just happens to be the only place I can find it, i.e., this post wasn't created to generate kick backs for me.