Freaking sweet giveaway

About 6 weeks ago, I was at a meeting at a local establishment.  They were offering drinks, and light pastries.  I didn't partake, but on my way out I saw the words "chocolate, mint, and truffle" on a flat little package, so I totally snaked one and stuffed in my purse.  "Complimentary breakfast" need not only apply while you're actually AT the meeting...should it?

Flash forward 2 weeks and I found it in my purse.  Turns out the little package was tea!  I quickly brewed a cup.  Holy.freaking.cow it was awesome.  I sent my friend Elaina a text saying "oh my god I'm drinking chocolate mint tea".  Her response "you mean orgasm in a cup"?  Yes.  That is exactly what I meant.

It was so good that I emailed Mighty Leaf Teas and asked if they would kindly send me a box of this delicious tea so that I could give it away to one of my lucky readers.  Well, they went so far above and beyond and offered me a whole tea extravaganza that includes organic tea (hot and iced), and an ice tea pitcher that can brew iced tea in just minutes.  The whole tea shebang is valued at $60.  I am not being compensated for this post* - it's just Mighty Leaf being super awesome!

So, how can this tea sweetness be yours?  Simply leave a comment saying your interested.  That's it!  There is no tweeting, Facebook liking, or following involved.  But, if you're a new reader here just for the giveaway, I do welcome you to poke around.  I hope you enjoy what you see/read!

This is open to US residents only, and Mighty Leaf will ship the winner the package directly.  I'll draw for the winner next Friday at 5 pm PT using  Best of luck to you all!

Postscript: it appears that Blogger is having another issue with commenting PMS.  If it keeps giving you a circular error when you try to comment, unselect "remember me" when it asks you to log in.  That should work.

*so, I didn't receive any money for this post, but Mighty Leaf did ship a box of tea to my house which I assumed for about a week was for the giveaway.  After a week of lusting after the tea and wishing it was mine, I emailed my contact and asked if they were shipping the tea pitcher in a separate package.  The sweet woman at Mighty Leaf then informed me that they would ship the package to the winner directly and that awesome box of tea was for me!  I may have said something like "OMG, I love you and want to marry you and have little tea babies with you".  There may be a tea restraining order out on me.  I can't be sure.  My memory is a little bit fuzzy at this point.  Perhaps I should steep on it...?

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