Moving sucks. Usually

When you have a crew like this, moving can actually be enjoyable.

That is Troy on the mix table, and cousin Scotty bustin' a move.  Erica, you must be so proud of your man! 

I don't ever remember laughing so hard while doing such exhausting work.  Our work crew consisted of  2 of Troy's cousins (1 cousin is the source of the fantastic laughter in the video), 1 cousin's spouse, his sister's husband, his best friend, and my amazing father-in-law who I believe is on the list for sainthood.

Moving twice in 7 weeks has led Troy to declare "I don't ever want to buy another thing again".  Seriously.  We've lived in small apartments our whole 7 years of married life, but we have accumulated so.much.freaking.STUFF.  We're having a garage sale in July or August, but we're both on self-imposed purchasing hiatus.  That works our perfectly with our non-self imposed income fluctuations these past 15 months.

The big move was on Saturday, and we moved out of the inlaws yesterday.  I spent all of Saturday unpacking as much as I could.  This week marks the return of my 10 hour a day work schedule (four 10's) so a very early wake up time greeted my tired bones today.

This morning I am 10 degrees of exhausted, and am hurting in places I didn't know was possible (anyone else ever pulled their armpit?!), but none of that matters because I feel so blessed.

~I'm blessed to live in a home that is so perfect for my little family.
~I'm blessed that for the 1st time in 7 years of marriage we have more than 1 bathroom and 1 tiny shared closet.  The thrill of not having to schedule a bowel movement cannot be described.
~I'm blessed to be surrounded by people who will trade their Saturday morning for some pizza and soda in exchange for back breaking work.
~I'm blessed to have gotten to sleep on our fantastic king bed last night after 7 weeks of sharing a double bed at the in laws.  Even though our mattress is so awkward and heavy that the 4 guys carrying it yesterday recommended we sell the place with the mattress included...
~I'm blessed that my hours of prepping, taping, and painting vanished the second I heard Jack take a huge deep, excited breath and yell "Jackie's new room"!!!!!!
~I'm blessed because every box I have left to unpack - and there are ohhhhh so many - is 1 step closer to having a space that I can consider a home.
~I'm blessed that the last renters were such morons that they forgot to have the cable turned off.  Yes, we will of course let the cable people know when they come to install internet on Wednesday, but for the next 2 days I have free TV!
~I'm blessed that tonight when I make pasta, I'll be able to walk outside and snip some basil from my newly planted garden.  Clearing the space for the garden has been a labor of love that will culminate in fresh herbs for my delicious dinner.  Worth.every.second!
~I'm thankful to my sister and her husband for allowing us to turn their converted garage in to the set of Hoarders for almost 2 months, allowing us to not have to spend money by renting a storage unit.
~I'm oddly blessed that our last neighbors, whom Jack referred to as "mean people" were actually so awful.  Had they not been so awful, I may not have broken down in tears one Sunday.  That emotional snap was the impetus for my parent's offering us a chance to rent their beautiful rental house.
~I'm blessed to have family that gives and offers assistance with the only strings attached being that they want you to be happy.  Mom and Dad, the gift of use of this space is beyond anything we could ever imagine.