The world's fastest lasagna

I walked in to my inlaws house last night and was greeted with a scent that can only be desribed sunshine  and rainbows covered in awesomesauce.  Upon inspection of the oven, I saw a delicious and bubbling lasagna.  After being told it only needed 20 minutes to bake, I realized this must not be a typical lasagna.

Turns out I was right!  My fantastic mother-in-law had covered the bottom of the baking dish with sliced polenta instead of noodles!  You can make your own polenta, but it's also sold pre-made.  If purchased pre-made it is already cooked and therefore it dramatically cuts down on the cooking/prep time for this yummy dish.  Even better - make your own and store in the fridge.  Added bonus: this recipe is gluten-free if your polenta of choice doesn't include flour (and it shouldn't!).

MIL Stupidly Awesome Lasagna
1 tube of polenta, or homemade (preferred), sliced
1 jar of organic marinara, or homemade
2 cups of mozzarella cheese
8 oz of ricotta cheese
8 oz of protein of choice if desired (MIL used some local homemade sausage from our butcher)

Layer baking dish with polenta slices, cover with half of the ricotta.  Next, layer on marinara and then mozzarella.  Repeat with cheese and sauce.

Bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes or until the cheese is warm and bubbly! 

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