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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The feel better popsicle

My mother-in-law noticed that Jack was feeling kind of lousy on Thursday.  By Friday it had turned in a 103.5 kind of lousy.  Poor pudding has been Mr. Pathetic ever since.  He was so sad and miserable that when I asked him what would make him feel better and he said "to watch The Incwedibles mommy", I threw my frugalness out of the window.  I found myself running to 2 stores at rush hour and paying full price just for a movie that Jack watched for 30 minutes.  Sigh.

Something you can do to make your kiddo feel better (and let's face it your significant other because men are candy asses when it comes to being sick) that doesn't cost a lot is to whip up a batch of homemade popsicles.

I found these fun popsicle molds at TJ Maxx for $4 a few months ago, and have been anxious to try them out.   I dare say that Jack was quite impressed considering he took one lick, smiled, and said "wow".

Momma's Feel Better Popsicles
-1 ripe organic mango, cut in to chunks.  (a side note, the reason that frozen mango is so expensive is because it is WORTH IT.  Mango is a pain in the ass to cut).
-1 cup of organic raspberries
-A drizzle of honey
-1/2 cup of juice.  (optional.  I had a little bit of cherry juice left in my fridge that I had to use up)
-1/3 cup of refrigerated coconut milk (we use So Delicious).

Place all ingredients in to a food processor or blender, and process until smooth.  Put in popsicle molds and freeze overnight.  Give to the poor little sicky in your life.


  1. What?!!! Those popsickles look yum! must try soon! feel better little guy.
    gackie loves you! :)

  2. and yes I did misspell popsicles on purpose! haha

  3. Hey! I stumbled upon your website and have been reading several recipes, and they all sound amazing! When I saw your comment about mangoes, I immediately screamed "noooo" in my head, because a friend recently enlightened me and showed me the "best" way to chop up a mango, and I want to share the tip with you!

    1. It is best to have a ripe mango.
    2. Stand an unpeeled mango up on in the orientation it would hang from a tree.
    3. Using a sharp paring knife, cut all the way down the length of the mango as close as you can possibly get to the pit. You should be slicing the 'wide' side of the mango and making it look super skinny.
    4. Do that to the other side. This technique gets like 90% of the flesh away from the pit.
    5. Take one of the halves, and score it with the paring knife as if you were cutting pieces out of an avocado. The tip of the knife should not pierce the skin. Then, take a large metal spoon, and 'scoop' the scored bits away from the peel into a bowl. Viola! It really is that easy. Do the same with the other half, and eat the mango left on the pit off of it for ease.

    Note: If your mango is VERY ripe you cay not even need to score it very much before using the scoop method.

    Note2: Peeling/chopping a mango takes me about 30 seconds to 1 minute now, using this technique. I highly recommend it!


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