Glass half-full Mondays

A former co-worker used to call me Pollyanna for my annoying habit to put a positive spin on nearly anything.  I'll admit that in the last 18+ months, I've had some dark, dark days.  I've had some days where I was more like Pollyanna post falling out of the tree, and just wanted lie around in my bed and mope.

But no longer my friends!  I can't do that to myself, and it accomplished only two things - jack and shit (not Jack as in my son though...).

With all the bad luck we've had since April of 2010, we've also been incredibly blessed at the same time.  This past week, I was doing some serious yard work in the sun, wind, and rain.  After dumping the 4,287th load of weeds, I walked back towards the garden all of the sudden, I felt my throat catch a bit.  The garden looked so beautiful, and I was beyond proud of how all my hard work took it from 5 foot high weeds, to a thing to be admired.  I realized then that there are lovely blessings in my life, and it is time I gave thanks where thanks is due for them. 

This week:  Troy got word from the ambulance company, that after only 1 week of working there, they wanted to offer him a full-time position!  The pay and the schedule isn't great, but my positive spin on this is that Troy is able to be employed in the field where he wants to be.  And for the first time in ages, our family's income will be 100% free of unemployment benefits!!!!

So, I would invite you to join me in "Glass Half-full Mondays".  Feel free to post a comment on what you are thankful for this week.  If you need a little help, post something wonky in your life, and I'll put on my rose colored glasses and help you find the positive in it.  I'm pretty good at it!  Ask my friend who sleep training her daughter and is probably ready to beat me for my cheery attitude.  xoxo Elaina!