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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's amazing what you can accomplish when your kid is sick (episode II)

After spending $2 a jar for pizza sauce that wasn't even that great, nor was it organic, I realized that making my own might be a better way to go...

And then I realized how easy and cheap it was to make and I want to kick myself for buying those stupid jars for so long.

Now I make a huge batch of this every few months and always have it on hand.

Pizza Sauce
5 cans of organic tomato paste (Costco carries 12 packs for under $5)
1/4 cup of raw honey
A bunch of minced garlic
Dried basil, oregano, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and rosemary to taste

Mix the tomato paste, honey, garlic, and spices.  Slowly add water and stir until it reaches your desired consistency.  Let the bowl sit on the counter for 30-60 minutes until the flavors have had a chance to mellow and meld.

And just so we're "keeping it real", this is what the rest of my dining room table looked like while taking the 1st photo.
 Freeze in 1 cup portions.


  1. Do you freeze in glass so that you can microwave it later to warm it up? (A real and serious question!)

  2. Anne...a serious question from you? Shocking! Ha. Since the pizza sauce isn't heated when I mix it up, I put it in sandwich size Ziplocs and then lay them flat to freeze them. Once they're frozen solid, I transfer those Ziplocs to a big gallon freezer Ziploc. I just take 1 portion out the night before and put it in the fridge. No reheating necessary.

  3. I do this too! I try to make all of our pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, and salsa. Sometimes I freeze it, but I mostly can it. I know people are opposed to canning, but it works for me. When I do our large meat purchase for the year freezer space is limited for a while. Maybe I need to add a grilled pizza to this weeks menu plan!

  4. I like to add a little bit of fennel seed to the pizza sauce to make it more like what's available commercially - and to differentiate it from our spaghetti sauce. A little bit goes a long way, though.


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