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Friday, July 15, 2011

So, what's next?

I took this entire previous week off of work to recharge, get caught up on 1,349 projects around the house, and to try and get some snuggles from Jack.  That toddler of mine is a selective snuggle bunny.

I've thought a lot about the blog this week, but just had so much on my plate (literally.  I did A LOT of cooking!) that I didn't have a chance to post until now.  Part of what I've been thinking about is what is my "identity" of this blog?  Should I talk about my family, or being frugal, or healthy and frugal cooking?  After trying to fit myself in to many niches, I've decided to just talk about all 3!  I don't fit in to a category in real life, so why should I in my virtual life?

So, what's next?  Who's up to you!  I'd like to pose this question to you: what would you like to read more of?  Do you want more recipes?  More cheap/free things to do with kids?  More tips on how to feed a family real quality food on a budget while working full time?  I'd love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment if you'd like to make a suggestion on future posts!

Just to get your creative juices flowing, here are a few ideas I've thought of that I'll be posting on in the next few weeks:
-batch/freezer cooking.  I've now done it.  I love it.  You will too.
-my garden: before and after photos.
-"our" new house: before and after photos.
-water kefir soda
-a healthier recipe for "sweet tea"
-a fun craft that I did with Jack yesterday that cost $0.
-a series of my top 10 favorite EASY, frugal, healthy, and fast recipes


  1. I have been struggling with this as well, but have decided to write about whatever I want. I don't like to be defined by one "thing". Instead I want to keep it real and share what I do on a daily basis to save money, eat healthy, my crafty projects, gardening, ect. I thought I would be able to write about our adoption process, but it is just too raw and frustrating (right now).

    I think all of your ideas are great! I am not picky on what people write. I figure it is their blog and they can do what they want. If I am not interested in a certain topic I just don't read it.

    I gain so much insight and inspiration from reading about other people's journeys. It is nice to know I am not alone and I am not the only one that struggles at times. You are doing an amazing job for your family and your son is beyond lucky to have a mother that loves him so much!

  2. I love your blog the way it is! I think I will continue to love it regardless of how you proceed. I love your writing style. I love that you are appropriately irreverent at times. I love the recipes. I love the tips. I love the "frugal posts". I love the family stuff. I guess I love the variety! I feel like you write what is real. I do not feel like I am reading a carefully constructed version of a pretend life. My struggle on my blog is deciding how much to share about my older children. My eldest is almost 19 and I rarely post about him except in the most vague way. I love your blog!!

  3. All About Us and Dara - your sweet comments made my day! Thank you!

  4. I just found you bout 2 weeks ago via Monday Mania. Love everything!

    But, I do get a few questions on my blog about how a working mom can do it all and eat real food. I'm a SAHM and can't honestly answer from experience. So, if I'd recommend anything to focus more on it'd be that: How do you do it all?

    And, really, do what makes you happy:)


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