Anyone up for a challenge?

About two and a half weeks ago, my elliptical bit the dust.  When you buy a product off of Craiglist five years ago for $100, you expect a certain kind of quality.  :sniff:

To properly mourn my loss, I've been sitting on my ass and eating ice cream.  My ass and I are very very sad right now.  My aunt and uncle gave me an exercise bike that they had laying around, but Troy hasn't had a chance to put it back together yet.  Who know when I'll be back to exercising, so until then, I need something to jump start my lack of energy.  What to do, what to do?  Introducing the Sugar Fast 2011 FBC (Frugal by Choice) Challenge!  Intrigued?  Want to participate?  Read on.

The rules:
1) Leave a comment on this post saying you're in.
2) Cut out processed sugar from your diet between Monday, August 29th and Sunday, September 4th.

Processed sugar includes Splenda, Equal, Sweet and Low, white sugar, etc.  I use organic evaporated cane juice for my baking which is a less processed form of sugar, but I'm still cutting it out.  Honey and maple syrup are great alternatives!

That's it! For those of you still in the game by September 4th, I'll be holding a drawing for 1 lucky winner to win my favorite new kitchen tool, this citrus squeezer thing-a-ma-jing.

Now, I'm not able to give out huge cool items, because I pay for these things myself using earnings from Swagbucks.  But hey, a little prize is still better than no prize at all, right?

Some times Blogger has issues with people commenting.  They know about this issue, but seem incapable of fixing it.  Lame.  If you're trying to comment, but it's not letting you, when Blogger asks you to sign in, unselect "remember me" and then sign in.  Then it should work.

I've shared this at Monday Mania.