Deviled eggs. Protein in the form of evil.

There are three good things in this world that the devil did:
1) make cake
2) go down to Georgia
3) put his spin on eggs

I'm a deviled egg snob, and am very particular about the ones that I eat.  I will only dine on the ones that are in my mouth.  Who am I kidding?  I've never met a deviled egg that I didn't like!  But I'm a bit stuck up, and like to think that mine are pretty darn good, and they're healthier than the traditional recipe to boot.

Sarah's Satan Eggs
12 eggs (eggs that aren't fresh tend to peel a little more easily)
2 tblsp of homemade mayo (I promise the recipe this week...)
1/4 scant tsp of sea salt.  I really like Real Salt
1/2 tsp of dried tarragon
1/2 tsp of dried and minced chives
1/2 tsp of dried dill
Smoked paprika (oh come on, you knew it would make an appearance in this recipe)

1) Place 12 eggs in a large pot and cover with cold water.

2) Bring water to a rolling boil and allow to boil for 1 full minute.
3) Cover and remove from heat.  Allow to sit covered for 15 minutes.
4) Remove eggs from the pot and place in a bowl of cold water.  Place in the fridge until thoroughly chilled.
5) Crack the eggs.  I like to rinse them under running water to remove little bits of shell.
6) Carefully slice the eggs in half length-wise, and scoop the yolk out.  A baby spoon seems to work the best for this.  Set the white aside.
Using a clean rag, wipe the knife off after each slice.  It seems to make for a smoother cut.
7) In a food processor, combine the yolks, mayo, and spices.  Pulse until very smooth.
8) Scoop a little bit in to each egg white and sprinkle with paprika.

I've shared this with the peeps over at Real Food Wednesdays.

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