It's done. I've done it. We have it now.

The "it" I speak of is the elixir of happiness and joy.  Mojito soda.  Yep, I said it.  I went there.  It's that awesome.  One drink of this, and you'll want to throw confetti.

See this pretty lady right here?

The one in the green dress and purple shawl?  Yeah, that's my cousin Kori who got married 2 weeks ago.  That gorgeous green dress she's rocking was handmade by my aunt and Kori, and they finished it the day BEFORE the wedding.  Side note: my cousin has balls; that would have had me in a panic attack.  My boob sweat would have had boob sweat at that point.

At her wedding they served mojitos with mint from her garden.  My mom asked me to fetch her one, and on my way back from the drink station, I took a sip.  Now, I don't drink.  Like at all.  As in I drink so little that I would probably get drunk off of a basket of beer battered shrimp.  But this mojito was so smooth and tasted delicious.  I assumed that they used some amazing booze to make this taste so awesome.  After stealing sips for about 30 minutes, I was let in on the secret that it was non-alcoholic.  Ah, that explains it.

Kori shared with me that it was simply limeade and mint with sparkling water.  After finding out how easy it was, it took me all of 1.5 seconds to realize that I needed to turn this in to a kefir soda.

Kori's Wedding Mojito with a Kefir Soda Twist
1 batch of water kefir
5-10 mint leaves, diced or crushed
1.5 cups of limeade (if you're in the PNW, Fred Meyer has Santa Cruz organic limeade 4/$5).  You could also just use about 3/4 cup of freshly-squeezed lime juice

Stuff the mint in a flip-top style bottle, and pour in limeade.  Add the water kefir liquid, and seal the lid.  Store at room temperature for about 3 days, and then put in the fridge for a few hours.  Generally if it is cold before you open it, there is less of a chance for a mini-explosion.

Why on earth did 2 people who don't drink register for 12 wine glasses for their wedding 7 years ago?  Somehow, I knew that years in the future, I would want something fancy to drink this out of. 
And then take photos of it.
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