So that's why I'm not eating a ton of tomatoes yet...and a weekend to-do list

This whole time I thought my tomatoes weren't ripe because the Pacific Northwest has been had a total of 300 minutes of temps above 80 degrees.  How wrong I was!

No, my tomatoes aren't ripe yet, because they're all busy recovering from botched c-sections...

First tomato of the season!

Enjoyed as the world's tiniest caprese salad (accompanied by my dad's awesome grass-fed burger.  I'm convinced he puts crack in his burgers because they're SO GOOD).  I savored all 3 bites.

This summer, I'm fortunate enough to get my work week done in 4 days.  It gives me Fridays off, which saves money in gas, and gives me more time at home with Jack.  It also gives the hyper type-A portion of my brain an extra day for more projects.  Cause I need more projects like Jack needs more energy.

To do's for this weekend

 Sunday (a day of rest for more projects)
What about you guys?  What are you up to this weekend?