The #1 challenge facing American women today

No, it's not lack of free birth control, or earning 73% of what our male counterparts make, or even only 6 weeks of FMLA.  No my friends, it's stinky tank tops from aggressive boob sweat.  I know, it's hard to talk about.  It's a stinkdemic.

I'm a big fan of wearing the trusty old "wife beater" tank top to bed and while working out (with a sports bra of course!  Because the barely there massive droopy B cups I rock after nursing a child for over 2 years demands support dammit!).
Here is a picture of me wearing one.  You know, in case you need a visual to see what kind of tank I'm talking about.  I was also desperate to show off my bikini wax and shiny bronze pants.  And yes, my abs totally look like that...
Well, after about five years of wearing the same 6 pack of tanks to bed and to work out in, these tanks got RANK.  I initially thought that maybe my homemade laundry detergent just wasn't cutting through to the funk anymore.  But while living with my in laws for two months, I used their conventional detergent in a "double blind" stank study.  Nope, their stuff didn't turn these in to sweet-smelling tops either.

In a moment of desperation (heck, they're not holey YET...why throw them out?) this past week, I had a light bulb moment.  I took the tanks and soaked them in a little pail with water and a big squirt of Bac Out (you can usually find it cheaper in the hippy section of the grocery store) and let them soak for an hour or so.  After the soak, I threw them in the wash with my sheets, and they came out smelling sweet and like limes (Bac Out is made with lime peel extract).  Success!

Now, I can stretch the life of these tops that I so dearly love.  And while my boobs may live to sweat another day, I now have a new tool in my arsenal to combat the stinkies.  This is a great country we live in my friends.

PS, a special note to my mom and my friend Anne.  My tanks are fine.  I do not need you to "happen upon" a sale of them at Target or Amazon...;-D