An exciting new business opportunity for our family!

Well, we've done it.  We're taking the plunge and going in to business for ourselves.  In today's economy, the only person that you can trust to provide for your family is to work for yourself.

I'm excited to introduce our new business venture "Poppy and Jack's Cardboard Box Refurbishing,  LLC".

We've completed our first rehab, and I'm so impressed with Jack and Troy's craftsmanship and dedication to quality.  No detail has been overlooked in the remodeling of this Kenmore box.  Would you like to take a virtual tour of our first sale?

Here, you'll see that this house has oodles of curb appeal!  From the shutters, to the front door's toilet paper roll door knob, this exterior screams "adorable"!  And the blue trim is a wonderful contrast to the brown paint.
Now, let's take a look inside to see the executive upgrades.  Track lighting has been installed throughout the whole structure.  You'll also notice the back wall has been artfully decorated.
Another exterior shot shows that Troy and Jack have thoughtfully included an escape tunnel to the structure.  Should zombies come in the front door, you and your family will have peace of mind knowing that there is an opportunity to leave unscathed.
Interested in the sale?  Please contact me at ohmygoddoyouthinkthisthingwillbeinmybasementunti

On a side note, I'm not certain who is happier that we got a new stand up freezer, me, or Jack.