Thankful Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving friends!  I hope that you are spending the day surrounded by loved ones and people you care about.

Today (and every day) I am thankful for so many things.  Most days my heart is near bursting with gratitude.  On a day where the intent is to remember what we appreciate - and not to fall in to a tryptophan coma - make sure that you voice your gratitude to people around you.

Things I am thankful for in 2011

1)  This little buggah that I brought in to the world with so much love in my heart.  And a wash cloth in my mouth.  Unmedicated labor ain't no joke.  It makes you do weird things...

2) ^that little buggers dad.  T-Roy, you complete me.  Hey, that's pretty catchy.  That should be in a movie or something!  I wonder if I make him want to be a better man?

3)  Jack's health, Troy's health, and the health of my family overall.  Well they're not all um, running marathons or something, but they're healthy enough to smile and be wonderful.  And my health.  Doy.

4)  The house we're in now.  Never in 1 gagillion years did I imagine last year at this time that we'd be so rodunkously blessed to live here.  Gone are the neighbors that would turn their vacuum on when Jack was going to bed - on purpose - or the other neighbors who were friends with people who had swastika tattoos on their necks.  And the mold on 50% of our walls?  Gonzo.  I feel blessed, safe, and exploding with gratitude for my parents that we're able to rent this amazing place.

5) Good, wonderful, and best friends.  Life is too hard and too short to go through it alone.  You are assigned your family (god smiled on me though), but you choose your friends.  As an extension of that, I am thankful for phones, texting, and email since all of my friends live at least 1 hour away.  Sigh.

6)  You people.  No joke.  For some strange reason, ya'll keep reading this here blog.  While I don't understand why exactly, it does make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  I love this project and I'm so blessed that people keep coming back to read the crazy shit that comes out of my mouth (fingers?).  I would write if no one was reading and/or commenting, but you guys sure make it a hell of a lot more fun.

And if I'm being materialistic, I am thankful for:
1) good bras.  2 years and 3 months of breastfeeding didn't do the girls any favors.
2) Amazon.  The working momma's best friend.
3) My Kitchen Aid mixer, my food processor, and my grain mill.  And the good set of knives we got for our wedding over 7 years ago.
4) Hulu.  Oh Hulu, how I love you.  Thanks to your awesomeness, I get to watch 97% of my favorite TV shows for free.  Thanks to you, I save over $50 a month on cable.

May you find gratitude and thanks to give in your life this year.