Winter recipe contest!

I've mentioned a few times how much I love soup.  I often eat it for multiple meals a week.  I love making a huge crockpot of soup because it gives my family enough delicious and healthy food (at a low price point) for multiple meals, and for the freezer.

I like to freeze soup in pint sized canning jars (use wide-mouth only and always leave about 1 inch of headspace when freezing), and include it as part of Troy's man lunchables when he's on shift.

So, when I sent my friend Elaina text on Friday saying something along the lines of "what the hell should I blog about this week, because I've hit a wall", and she in turn recommended a recipe contest, I pounced on the idea.  May I introduce to you the first ever "Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity Reader Recipe Contest"!  Just a head's up, I have no prizes to offer (anyone want to sponsor?), but the winner will earn my eternal gratitude.

The rules
1) Either post your favorite soup recipe in the comments section, or blog about it and post the link in the comments.
2) Submissions will be accepted through Saturday, November 19th at 5 pm EST.
3) I'll review the submissions and will "select" and post the winning recipe on November 20th.

So, get creative, and have a blast!  Just a head's up if you want to be deemed the winner, the thought of any kind of squash or pumpkin soup makes me puke in my mouth a little bit.  And I hate mushrooms.  Like, HATE mushrooms.  Green peppers and I are not on speaking terms, curry and my intestines do not see eye to eye.  But other than that, go nuts!
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