Potentially the lamest post I've ever written - how to fold a fittest sheet

I mean really - folding sheets?  It's like blogging Mardi Gras up in here!  Show me your pillow cases and I'll give you some beads.  Wink wink.

Fitted sheets used to be the bane of my existence.  They cluttered up the corner of the multi-purpose closets we've had in previous apartments (I've never had a dedicated pantry or linen closet until now), and I hated trying to fold them and make them look like a chimp didn't put the laundry away.

Hand to god, this is pretty much what my fitted sheets used to look like after folding.

And this is what they look like now.  THIS makes my type A self very very happy.

Once I finally figured out how to fold one and not make it look like a pile of crap, I was a happy camper.  Despite the fact that this post has the potential to be super lame, I'm sharing my laundry folding "gift" with you in hopes that you can convert your linen closets from rat's nest to organized bliss.

And because my mom taught kindergarten, first, and second grade for almost 30 years, I'm going to use the old "hamburger" and "hot dog" descriptive directions.

Step 1
Lay the sheet down in a large space.  Arrange it so that little elasticky (it's a word!) corners all faces inward.  If you've ever jumped so hard on a trampoline that you bounced off and ended up underneath it, this view will look familiar to you.  Not that I've ever done that...
Step 2
Gather the two bottom corners and tuck them in to the top corners.  Your sheet will now look like a hot dog.
Step 3
Fold the left-hand corner of sheet over the right-hand corner of the sheet.  You now have a hamburger.
Step 4
Fold it in half once more.  And now you have a beautifully organized fitted sheet.  And a hot dog.
Step 5 (this one is for the truly anal-retentive amongst you)
Tuck the flat sheet, fitted sheet, and one pillowcase in the other pillowcase.  Then you'll have a nice and tidy little sheet package.

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