When a tree hugger turns in to a tree hacker

O' Christmas tree, O' Christmas tree, how much fun we had cutting you!

I know I love trees; hugging them, planting, them, etc.  But I still like a fresh tree each Christmas.  The first year we were married, we had a fake tree and a very small apartment.  I came home from work one day to find that Troy had built the front half of the tree and shoved it up against the wall.  Creative.

Now that we're in a place with some space, we headed to a Christmas tree farm to pick our own.  The Christmas tree farms around here are sustainable (they keep planting more) and I give my cash directly to someone who lives in our community.

And let's face it.  Troy and Jack were ready to cut down some stuff with power tools!
We got out of the car, and right in front of my passenger side door was "the tree". 
We decided to walk amongst the trees just to double and triple check that we weren't being too hasty.  Jack thought we should look that way.
Or what about a tree that "makes me look like a giant mommy"?
In the end, we headed back to find the original beauty that caught my eye.  Troy and Jack assessed the situation.
And freaking assessed.
Troy didn't laugh when I said "oh crap, hold the tree back up and drop it again.  The camera should have been on sport mode".
Troy was a rigger on TV and film sets for 8 years, so this tree "ain't going anywhere".
After tree hunting, there was a bit of time for some secret snuggles.
Someone wasn't thrilled to be caught handing out snuggles for free.
Other than the use of power tools, the second best thing about the Christmas tree farm is that mom actually lets you have a piece of candy!
It's great to have a tree for the season, because ninja ornaments have been sneaking around our house all year just waiting for a lush green retreat to practice their numchuck skills.