Looking for a few guest posts!

Thursdays seem to be the day I lag on the most and can't just quite seem to find time to write a post.  My time in the lab creating a pill that removes fat from your ass and moves it to your boobs takes up a lot of time!

So, if you're interested in writing a guest post, shoot me an email to beingfrugalbychoiceblog at gmail dot com with your contact info and the topic of the post you're interested in sharing. 

A few topic ideas that I think would mesh well with readers of this blog:
-frugal tips
-favorite recipes
-natural alternatives to convential products (cleaning stuff, etc.)
-tips for the working momma on speedy/healthy food prep

I'm planning to share a guest post with you guys on Thursdays for next few weeks!  Unless you want to write a guest post and your name happens to be Morrie, Maury, Laurie, or Rori.  Then I'll share your post on Tuesday.  Because you know, Tuesdays with Laurie!

Shoot me an email if you think you have something you'd love to share!