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Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday tip of the week!

This tip will require about $3 and two minutes to execute.  I love those kind of tips.

We have multiple cutting boards and used to lean them up against the wall in a corner. But then they'd all come crashing down at once and scare the poo out of me.  I figured there must be a better way to organize cutting boards. 

So I thought.

And thought.

And thought so more.

And then it hit me.  A napkin holder!

Geez this photo makes my cutting board look gross!
I think I got this at Target for about $2.99, but I've seen them in recent months at Goodwill too!

Happy organizing friends.


  1. What a great idea! We, too, have a plethora of cutting boards.

  2. I thought that was a file folder organizer :)

  3. I love this idea! It won't work for me as I don't have enough space. I have 2 boards side by side and 2 smaller ones in front. My dish drying rack helps hold them up - until I fold it up and then everything slides down. One commenter mentioned a letter holder. I have one, but it holds letters. I'll try it and if it works I'll get another one for the letters.

    1. Do you have any space between appliances on your counter - say a microwave and toaster (or something like that)? You should slide this in sideways between those items.

  4. Okay I am so doing this. I have the same thing happen to me. I have 4 cutting boards! they crash and throw the rolling pin that I cannot fit in my drawer across the room and it scares me to death. You are a genius. A cheap genius but a genius none the less.

    1. I think "you're a cheap genius" needs to be needlepointed on something in my house! LOL. Hope it works for you.

  5. Ok so I have a napkin holder that was a gift from a student from Haiti. Not your typical one….but I have never used it! I will now! Thanks


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