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Thursday, March 15, 2012

DIY toddler dinosaur hoodies

I saw these hoodies and knew that I could give it a try.  I found a screaming deal on toddler hoodies at Fred Meyer for $4 each.  I have quite a few birthdays coming up this spring, and these are perfect and inexpensive gifts to give.  They may not be expertly-made, but they're definitely made with love.

You'll need
-straight pins
-sewing machine, and scissors (obvious ones)

1) Start by tracing and cutting a diamond in the felt.  Then use that as a guide to cut out the other diamonds.
2) Pin the middle of the diamond over the seam of the hoodie.
3) Sew a standard stitch down the middle of the diamond and do your best to keep the seam on the seam of the hoodie.
4) Bring the diamond together and stitch along each side of the triangle.  Repeat for all the other diamonds.

Then, go outside and enjoy your new hoodie!!

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  1. Adorable! Love the colors! Good job, Sarah!

  2. This is AWESOME. I have a daughter currently obsessed with dinos. I have a sewing machine collecting dust. This seems simple enough for me to do!

  3. So cute! Does the felt stand up to standard laundering? Or does it tend to fray?

    1. The felt is quite firm, and as far as I know, it's held up well to laundering.

  4. So cute, you could totally continue down the back as well!!

  5. So cute.I like these different ideas.These types of colourful outfit attract child's.We can change blank and cheap hoodies by using this technique.


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