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Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday tip of the week!

If you compost, and you're like me, your compost always has WAY more greens than browns in it.  Lack of "browns" meals fruit flies, bad ratios, and stinky smelly decomposing food.

Adding shredded paper and cardboard helps, so we always put our toilet paper rolls in there!


  1. I'm using mine to start seeds in since I can plant them directly in... But after the next month or so, good idea!

  2. I compost all my paper waste. Really helps bulk up the sandy soil I have and saves on the garbage.

  3. Dear Sarah,
    I used to use the Green, Brown Black recipe for my compost:
    Green: any cuttings, peelings, etc. and egg shells for calcium.
    Brown: Old leaves(cut with a weed wacker into a recycled 45 gal molasses drum), grass clippings that have air dried for a week or more, spread out thinly on top of the cut grass, and any used straw I could get my hands on.
    Black: at least one-two inches of surface soil from any of my garden beds, wheel barrowed to the compost.
    Never once did I have a smell, rats or lousy compost. I miss that BLACK GOLD so much, it's practically insufferable. I can only tell you that I had a 3 part compost and it was the BEST Mother's Day gift ever!!! In fact, I would give up EVERYTHING to go back to that 7 year RETREAT even now.
    Good luck and happy diggin!


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