No spend March - week 1 update

Well, it was an interesting first week of my "no spend" March.

Day one started out with Troy grabbing dinner on the way home from training.  He van pools with all the other guys, and they (excluding Troy) decided to go to dinner on the way home.  Training is about 45 minutes away, so it's not like he could just hitch a ride back to his car.  All the guys are pretty young and don't have kids, so apparently Troy's desire to get home to see us and have dinner with us didn't really "move" them.  Little punks.

Sunday, I had to hit up JoAnn's to the tune of $5.29 (thankfully I had three 40% off coupons which saved me quite a bit of money).  I needed to buy xxxx (can't say because it is part of my friend Anne's birthday present), and two spools of thread to match the felt I bought for some dinosaur hoodies a few weeks ago.  I wish I had thought to buy them at the time.  I ALWAYS forget about buying thread when making a project.

Gas was $50.02 (ouch), and I'm almost certain I accidentally hit premium at Costco instead of regular.  I've never done that before, and I have no clue how it happened, but I am kicking myself!

I also spent $27.97 on non grocery items at the grocery store, but I did use my food budget for those items.  I bought stockpaper to print Jack's birthday invites, stamps to send the invites, seed starting soil, and perlite.  Because I used my grocery budget, I'm not counting it against my "no spend".

Total non-spend overage for the week: $9.59