No spend March - week 3 update

If anyone else doing this pledge?  How are you doing?

This week I spent the following things outside of my normal budget:

$20.81 for rain boots for Jack.  He had worn his through and the heels actually seemed to act like sponges and soaked water in.  Rain boots are essential in the Seattle area, and are probably on my kid's feet about 75% of the time.

$11.87 at Lowes for a door flap thingy.  Troy is straight up convinced that one of these days, mice are going to invade our home through the garage door.  I've told him I've never seen a mouse in this house until I'm blue in the face, but he is not convinced.

$1.00 for a tip at the coffee stand.  I had free drink coupons, but still wanted to give a tip.  The $1.00 came from my car's change tray.

$18.56 at Lowes, but this money came out of my "gardening" fund that gets $20 a month deposited in to it.  We bought two 2x4x8, another piece of wood that I don't know the measurements of, and some hook thingies.  I'm FINALLY getting supports for the free raspberry bushes my aunt and uncle are giving us after paring down their own patch.

Total spent over my traditional budget: $52.24

But you know what I didn't spend a dime on?  Girl Scout cookies.  I'll never do another no-spend month in March!!