Calling all Seattle area hippies

I'm snickering at the redundancy of that post title.

Last week I told Troy "hey, you just bought me a ticket to the Mother Earth News Fair for Mother's Day".  I said that as I hit "buy" online for a ticket for my sister and myself.

Troy then congratulated himself on getting me the perfect Mother's Day present. 

Anyhoo, if anyone is planning to attend the fair on Saturday, June 2nd, let me know if you'd meet up for a brown-bag lunch at some point during the day!  It's held at the Puyallup Fairgrounds.

My sister and I will be easy to spot amongst the crowd.  We're both 6 feet tall, and she'll be the one on her cell phone saying things like "Brian, what do you mean "where is the yogurt", and you don't know what to feed Parker"?  I'll be on the one on my cell phone yelling "damn it Troy, you and Jack can NOT build hang gliders and try to "see how far you can get" by jumping off of the deck".

I'll also be the one jumping from patches of shade to other patches of shade.  I'm a whitey!

Let me know if you're headed to the fair and would like to meet up!

Want your own ticket?  Click here.  The website is so slow and awful.  Be patient while trying to buy it.